Idukki Wildlife Tourism - A Great Scope

The Scope of Idukki wildlife tourism is very vast and expandable. The Scope in this will be a great benefit to the Tourism Corporation of Kerala if it is utilizing in the correct way. Eco tourism, wildlife tourism the high ranges of Idukki will attract Tourists all over the world. Check out some beautiful areas of Idukki near Cheruthony, the Heart of Idukki district.


  1. Best south Indian Tourist spot is Idukki, wheather it's a family trip, friends trip or couples trip, this is perfect place to forget your stress and stay calm for a period with the mother nature. I saw some of the photos in a daily Latest kerala News in Malayalam, that's when we started to plannin to go to Idukki as a family trip in our car It's really a refreshing tourist place to go! ENjoy your Summer holidays In Idukki and Stay Happy.


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