Thangalpara - The Mountain with a History

Thangalpara is not much popular but an attractive tourist destination in Vagamon, Kerala. The place is 2500 feet above the sea level near Vagamon hill range. This place can be reached via Vagamon which is well connected with Kottayam as well as Idukki. The place is famous for Pilgrim tourism because of the historical importance in connection with Muslim community.

Historical and Religious Importance: The Thangal para is a unique rock formation on top of a rocky hill which has some devotional and spiritual significance among devotees. It is believed that Sheikh Fariduddin, a Sufi saint from Afghanistan had lived and died here 800 years back. There is a huge spherical rock formation on top of the hill which the devotees believe that the saint was using for grinding Pan. After the death of the saint the rock started growing enormously and the tomb of the saint lies right in front of the huge rock. There is a small masjid and prayer centre and a well.

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