All You Need to Know - Meesappulimala - Heaven in the Earth

Beyond the beauty of Munnar, there is a destination you can reach and enjoy the heaven in the earth, Meesappulimala the highly adventurous and amazing trekking location in Kerala. The second highest peak in the Western Ghats, here you can have a memorable trekking experience with clouds in company. This mesmerizing paradise of nature is slowly getting popular among ardent trekkers.


Jeep Safari at Meesappulimala

Trekking Trails

You need to travel 4 km from Munnar via Mattupetty through Aruvikkad estate and you will reach the base camp of Meesappulimala.

The journey to the base camp is difficult, yet exciting. En route you can see the Pandava cave. The villagers believe that the Pandavas, the heroes of the Indian epic Mahabharata, stayed in this cave during their twelve years of exile in the forest. This beautiful cave also shelters countless small and chirpy birds.

The Kerala Forest Development Corporation (KFDC) will arrange all the facilities for trekking and camping. You will be accompanied by an expert guide provided by the KFDC. 4 km from the base camp is the Rhodo Valley, the last point accessible by any four wheelers. Tents are available at Rhodo Valley for those who want to enjoy a stay at this beautiful place. The walk way to the Rhodo Valley is bedecked with pine trees. The check dam here provides crystal clear ice-cold water for the weary travellers. Nature is clad in her best attire here, which will ease the weariness of the physically demanding climb. The crisscrossing streams make the trip all the more interesting.

Keep your eyes and ears open, if you are lucky you will even get a chance to come across elephants, gaur and Nilgiri tahrs, that too, in their natural habitat. If you start early in the morning, you will reach the top of the peak by noon, where you will be at an altitude of 8,661 feet from the sea level. From the top you will get a panoramic view of Anamudi, the highest peak in the Western Ghats the Mattupetty and Anayirangal reservoirs, and parts of Tamil Nadu. You can also relish the spectacular view of the surrounding waterfalls including the gorgeous Kurinji waterfall. At this height you can even have a tête-à-tête with the drifting clouds. Surely, Meesappulimala would be an experience that will linger on your mind forever.

You can book stay at Meesappulima,
KFDC Ecotourism MUNNAR
Mattupatty Road, Munnar
Ph: +91 4865 230332
Mob: +91 8289821408

Base Camp - Stay over in the tents and enjoy the chillness of Munnar in the Base Camp. Situated at an altitude of about 6000 feet, Kerala Forest Development Corporation offers to stay over programmes. Enjoy the night in the outdoors by sitting around the campfire and savour a delicious supper.
Next morning you can go for an adventurous trek up to Meesapulimala or Rhodo Valley. Maximum of 40 persons are allowed for a single night tent stay at Base Camp. The package includes breakfast, lunch, evening tea and dinner. Campfire is also included.

Check-in: By Noon (02.00 PM) and Check out after 23 hours

Sky Cottage - Sky Cottage, exclusively for honeymooners, is another stay over programme organized at Munnar by KFDC. This lonely cottage on a cliff facing a waterfall also offers amazing views of Anamudi peaks. If it is a clear sky, the transparent ceiling of the cottage gives you the view of starry sky. Next morning you can go for an adventurous trek up to Meesapulimala. Three persons can avail this programme.
The package includes trekking, guide service, and food.

Rhodo MansionThe best choice for those who wish to explore the altitudinal starry night is the Rhoda Mansion. Night stay offered at Rhodo Valley has elephant trench protection. Campfire is there and food is also included. The group can climb the ‘Meesapulimala’ peak in next day
Munnar is well connected to all major cities in south India. From Munnar you can take a jeep to the base camp, via Aruvikkad estate.

Location Guide:
Nearest railway stations: Theni (in the neighbouring state of Tamil Nadu), about 60 km away; Aluva about 110 km away.
Nearest airports: Cochin International Airport, about 125 km away; Madurai (in the neighbouring state of Tamil Nadu), about 140 km away.

Imporatant things to remember before your trip to Meesappulimala,
Meesappulimala is a much sensitive environment in the western ghats, do not follow any practices that destroy this heaven in earth.
Do not bring plastic to this place.
Take enough health care items for your trekking.
Do not take any risk, get advise from local experts before any trekking changes.

Information Courtesy - Kerala Tourism Department


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