Volkswagen ABS sensor complaints and reason

Oh no! Again my ABS warning light is on and it’s an itching for my eyes. Even though customer experience is great for Volkswagen cars in India, the most frequent complaint that we hear for customers is abs failure. If you are out of warranty, then it can hit your pocket badly. Every sensor change will cost you around 5500 INR (including tax and service charge).

We cannot keep your vehicle under warranty for years and years which is practically not possible and economically not feasible too. 

What does ABS sensor warning tell you?

  • your car’s ABS module as a whole is not working or faulty (needs full replacement and that costs around 60k) 
  • You have a faulty ABS sensor, speed sensor that actually tells you if ABS is working or not. 
  • There’s high mud deposit due to off-roading and requires cleaning, that may cause ABS not to work / ABS sensor needs cleaning as well.
  • Your normal break will work but ABS won’t work during hard breaking. 

Reasons for ABS sensor failure,

  • Normal wear and tear that happens after 5 years of ownership 
  • Bad weather and road conditions; cold and humid conditions can cause frequent ABS complaints
  • Vehicle ran with a wrong wheel alignment for long period causing damage to sensor 
  • Vehicle used for frequent off-roading. 
  • High pressure under body cleaning can cause issues to ABS Sensor.


If it’s normal ABS sensor failure, it will need sensor replacement, which is a quick job for the service center guys. 

How to avoid ABS sensor issues?

- Avoid frequent off-roading, if you do off-roading, make sure the vehicle under body is cleaned well and avoid any mud deposits

- Do frequent check and service for the vehicle 

- Maintain tyre alignment and avoid frequent hard breaking practice 

- Do not keep your vehicle idle for long period in wet conditions as the humid environment can cause issues to ABS sensor


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