Visit Beautiful Malankara Dam - Thodupuzha

Malankara Dam, located 7 km from Thodupuzha is a picnic spot with an artificial lake spread over 11 km. The Malankara reservoir and dam is ideal for boating and fishing. This is a gravity dam constructed across Muvattupuzha river for irrigation purposes. The dam is constructed to make use of the tail water from the Moolamattom power house. The project is run under the Muvattupuzha Valley Irrigation Project and KSEB.   

 You may visit this place which is easily accessible from Thodupuzha to Kattappana route. We can spend few hours here and see the beauty of dam catchment area, kudayathoor hills and Kanjaar.

Google Location -
Kottayam, about 52 km
Cochin International Airport, about 59 km


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